peHUB Second Opinion

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Tablet Wars: Why Apple still manages to out-price its competition.

No Lawyers: Why start-ups are still better at attracting rock star talent.

Getting Ahead: Downward dog position is the key to getting ahead on Wall Street, from Dealbreaker.

Flight Attendants, Bus Drivers: The most dangerous jobs you’d think would be safe.

On Wall Street: Lehman Brothers tricked JPMorgan into holding collateral that they described as “goat poo.”

Going Public: HCA will likely price its IPO at $30 a share next week (and then comes the huge $2 bln payout for KKR, Bain and BofA).

Dinner with Obama: A seating chart of last night’s dinner, displays Silicon Valley’s pecking order.

Shooting Daisy: Two literary nerds have created the video game version of The Great Gatsby.

Video: Scott Cutler, NYSE Euronext’s head of listings, says PE will be a big driver of the capital markets this year.