peHUB Second Opinion

What Auto Recall? Honda and Toyota stay near the top of the auto ranking from Consumer Reports.

Dating: Want to find a co-founder for your startup? Try PairUpNYC.

Leaving: Jeffrey Kaplan, head of global M&A at BofA Merrill Lynch, quits to join Appaloosa Management.

Tablets: Apple plots move to expand iPhone’s market share. And tablets are expected to expand into $35 bln market by 2012, according to JP Morgan.

Off the Block: Pep Boys pulls its auction after failing to get high enough bids.

Stalled Deals: Why is it taking so long for to close its buy?

Busted Talks: discussions to sell itself to fail.

Venus: How female entrepreneurs define success.

Shocking: Google’s recent “content farm” algorithm change causes HuffingtonPost, Yahoo Buzz and to lose tens of thousands of visits.