peHUB Second Opinion 6.28

The Supreme Court upholds President Obama’s healthcare law.

Lawyers get smarter about betting on tech clients.

John Paulson talks returns, regret, and retirement in a new profile.

Blackstone Group COO Tony James: “I wish I had” Mitt Romney’s tax rate.

Google versus everyone: An epic war on many fronts.

Meanwhile, Google cofounder Sergey Brin steals a page (again) from Tony Stark.

Should Jamie Dimon be fired?

In the wake of a record fine for trying to manipulate a benchmark interest rate, should Barclay’s chief (get canned)?

Fast Company on the 60 women who are doing most to influence the world.

The BBC will now let Brits watch the Olympics on Facebook.

The new season of “Louie” has been worth the wait, say critics. (To which we say, of course!)

Bad barbecue tweets!

Photo: Patient Joan West receives a checkup by physician Lisa Vinci at University of Chicago Medicine Primary Care Clinic in Chicago. Image courtesy of Reuters/Jim Young.