peHUB Second Opinion 7.13

Uh, oh. eBay gets slapped with a $3.8 billion lawsuit.

C’est possible? Bing is ringing up ad impressions and ad clicks at a supercharged growth rate; Google and Yahoo are not.

The oil and gas exploration company Apache doesn’t have BP over a barrel — yet. Should that change, BP’s Alaskan assets might become too irresistable to ignore.

Doh. Millions of home Web routers could be susceptible to hacks.

Embarrassed that you don’t know what baldenfreude means? You aren’t alone, friend, not according to this list of the 50 most looked-up words on

Can Netflix reinvent the movie-watching experience a second time?

Oof. Here’s a phone call that Angela Knight, chief executive of the British Bankers Association, likely wishes she hadn’t made.

IPO watch: is GM better than Ford?

And, finally, rudely punctuating your moment of Zen, we link to the “inevitable” Mel Gibson vs. Christian Bale mashup.