peHUB Second Opinion 7.21

Deutsche Bank Fined: Finra (the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) has fined Deutsche Bank $7.5 million for “negligently misrepresenting delinquency data” in connection with the issue of subprime securities.

Suing BP: Pension funds in New York and Ohio hope to be lead plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit against BP.

Starbucks Sizzles: Instant coffee sales causes Starbucks third quarter profit to climb 37%.

A Failed Love: President Obama and Wall Street apparently now hate each other, according to DealBreaker.

Google Gets Legal Gun: Google has hired Elizabeth Moody to assist them with negotiations with music labels and other rights holders for their upcoming Google Music service, according to TechCrunch.

Facebook Makes it Official: Facebook, in one of the most over-hyped and least surprising tech milestones, confirmed Wednesday that it has hit 500 million users.

iPad Fix: Cafe Ease in Tokyo provides an iPad on every table for users to get their Net fix.