peHUB Second Opinion 8.11

Facebook vs. Google: Facebook takes a different stance on net neutrality than Google, from CNET.

Toyota says No to Iran: Toyota has suspended export of its cars to Iran.

Debt Issues: Toys ‘R’ Us, which is trying to refinance $1 billion of debt, will meet with its lenders tomorrow.

Keeping the Money: FINRA has denied an attempt by Morgan Stanley to stop two brokers, convicted of securities fraud, from each keeping $4.45 million in signing bonuses.

Barclays Job Cuts: Barclays Capital is expected to announce several hundred cuts to its back office staff Wednesday.

GM IPO: General Motors could file for its IPO as soon as Friday.

No Web Use: A Pew study finds that one-fifth of Americans don’t use the Internet, according to TechCrunch.

Bike Sharing: Low cost bike sharing system to be tested in NYC.