peHUB Second Opinion 8.31

Facebook is probably launching a music platform next month. Here’s what it may mean for existing music providers.

Scientific proof that boarding airplanes by zones is a stupid system.

Nouriel Roubini: “We’re going into a recession based on my numbers.”

Wall Street is being a lot tighter with its cash, and charities are feeling the squeeze.

The fashion industry to Tumblr: Get your act together for chrissakes.

As government sues to block AT&T’s deal with T-Mobile, Dealbook looks at some patterns to emerge from the Justice Department.

Aging Americans will stunt workforce growth and weaken economic activity for two decades. (Happy Wednesday!)

The truth behind Facebook and Yelp and their stance on daily deals.

Where to grab a drink this upcoming holiday weekend: a survey of New York City’s barscape.

Are Tina Brown’s outrageous tactics working for or against Newsweek?