peHUB Second Opinion 8.31

Even the bikes get an expansive, marble-walled room at Credit Suisse. (Thanks, Felix Salmon.)

Panic over Facebook Places spreads, as users claims about the service grow wilder, including that it’s a “global positioning application!” (It’s not, though it creeps me out, too.)

Genzyme CEO Henri Termeer is aggravating at least one shareholder who wishes Termeer would stop posturing about its value and start negotiating a sale.

InsiderMonkey has created what may be the world’s first Nouriel Roubini stock sentiment indicator.

Amazon is taking Apple and Netflix head on, via an in-the-works service that would give subscribers unlimited access to some TV shows and movies over the Internet.

Shares of Saks surged today, after the Daily Mail reported that a consortium of U.S. and British firms are sizing it up and may make a $1.7 billion cash offer.

Digg has a new CEO. Can he stop the company’s backward slide in time?

Is your Gmail account…judging you?