peHUB Second Opinion

Awwww: Alan Rickman, a.k.a “Severus Snape,” takes out a full page ad to thanks J.K. Rowlings for Harry Potter.

Human Side: The Internet has changed everything but these four things.

Options Pool: Eight important term sheet items to evaluate before investing in a startup.

Rising Gas: Consumer spending slowed in April. And, pending sales of U.S. existing homes plunged 12% last month.

Overkill: How Apple hunted down the teen who sold white iPhone kits.

Lawsuit: Paypal sues Google less than 24 hours after Google introduced technology to allow consumers to use their phones as credit cards.

Not Over Yet: MSFT could still get some meaningful percentage of the tablet market.

Take that, NYSE! Zillow has applied with the Nasdaq to trade under the letter “Z.”

Lying: Top ways to annoy a tech blogger (or any blogger).

Video: Salad Fingers returns!