peHUB Second Opinion

Saying Goodbye: Shaq announces his retirement from the NBA via Twitter.

Being Bad: New York times denies hacking Goldman Sachs trader’s email account.

Felix Salmon: Do good reviews cause restaurants to hike their prices?

Defense Breach: Northrop Grumman may have been hit by cyber attack.

Sending that Pic: Twitter unveils photo and video sharing.  And CEO claims 80% of Twitter advertisers renew.

Near a Deal: Liberty Media is conducting due diligence on Barnes & Noble.

Hard Day: The Dow and S&P 500 fall the most since August.

We Knew This: Taxpayers likely won’t get back the $14 bln spent on the auto bailout.

Groupon: Kara Swisher takes on Groupon CEO Andrew Mason at D9 (he says nothing when asked why company didn’t sell to Google).

Going Thru A Divorce: 67.3% of bankers put up a fight for the family dog, kids not so much, according to Dealbreaker.

No Deal: Nokia claims a report that it sold its mobile phone business to Microsoft for $19 bln is false.