peHUB Second Opinion 9.2

The Sony Walkman outsells the iPod in Japan for the first time since Apple’s music player hit the market nine years ago. In related news, Sony still makes the Walkman.

Taxing rich British bankers didn’t work out so well, admits the politician who introduced the tax last year amid cries over banker bonuses.

Are Dell’s shareholders on Xanax?

Mmmm, robot not so smart after all. Mmmm quant fund strategy losing money. Mmm time to reboot.

Good news for far-flung virtual companies (and big, chatty families): Skype just introduced 10-way calling.

What Craigslist founder Craig Newmark wishes he’d said to CNN’s Amber Lyon when she ambushed him.

If you are interested in learning more, Lyon’s report is below. And, in fact, it’s easy to interpret Newmark’s behavior as standoffish when the reality is that he’s exceedingly soft-spoken, if not shy. Still, one wonders how much money Craigslist is making off its controversial adult ads, given how hard it’s fighting to keep them. Indeed, CEO Jim Buckmaster blasts Amber Lyon in a separate blog post here, one that calls her confrontation with Newmark a “stunt” that has other journalists “recoiling in journalistic horror.” (Hat tip to Boom Town’s Kara Swisher for first uncovering both the video and Buckmaster’s email.)