peHUB Second Opinion 9.8

Investors Paul Kedrosky, Jason Mendelson, and Brad Feld publicly dress down the authors of a New York Times Op-Ed who argued for speeding up the patent process — and who may have stretched the truth to make their case.

Google Instant launched today, and the function will shave up to five seconds off the standard 25-second search , says Google VP Marissa Mayer. If only they could do something about my turd ball of a PC to speed it along, too.

Rodney Cohen gallops out of Pegasus Capital Advisors to become the head of Carlyle’s new U.S. equity opportunity group, which will focus on small and mid-size businesses.

Behold, the new Old Spice guy. (You know you want to see this as much as I did.)

Amazon is trying to cut down on “wrap rage” with the help of product manufacturers.

Investor Chris Sacca has actually raised $40 million, not $20 million, reports Dan from his new perch at Fortune.

Poor little hedge funds; August treated them cruelly.