peHUB Second Opinion 9.9

For the first time, Facebook has passed Google in time spent on the site.  Be scared, Google; be very scared. 

Scratch that. Google mobile search has grown 4x this year.

Things aren’t going Craigslist’s way these days. A Delaware court judge just ruled in eBay’s favor in a shareholder lawsuit against the popular, and increasingly controversial, listings site.

The secret to dressing Gordon Gekko, then and now. (H/T: Dealbook)

Institutional Investor tries ruining our weekends early with its newest feature, “Paradise Lost, Why Fallen Markets Will Never Be the Same.”

As the newspaper wars rage on, the WSJ is planning to launch a book review section for the first time in its history.

Harvard’s endowment rebounds meaningfully for its fiscal year, ended June 30.

Blippy’s Philip Kaplan to Techcrunch: never mind what you read in peHUB. Ping’s no threat to us.