peHUB Second Opinion

Kicking a Dying Horse: Brian Wallace, VP of digital marketing and media at RIM, is jumping to Samsung.

Groundbreaking: Study finds that consumers now spend more time on mobile apps than on the Web.

Bad Form: Skype is firing senior execs before its sale to MSFT closes in an attempt to cut the value of their payout.

Raising More Money: Morgan Stanley looks to raise a $688 million loan fund to be managed by GSO Capital Partners.

The Zuck Distortion: Young entrepreneurs need Gen-X and vice versa.

La Nina, Again: Summer starts tomorrow but snow falls in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Bad Ruling: Supreme  Court rules that defendants failed to show that Wal-Mart had a company wide gender discrimination policy.

Touch Train: Eleven stupid iPhone Apps that we can’t believe are real.

Near a Sale: Bankrupt Borders will name a stalking horse bidder by July.

Not Another Wallet: What Dad really wanted for Father’s Day.

Just For Laughs: Here are the top 10 Old Spice Guy video responses with Isaiah Mustafa.