peHUB’s Spooky Second Opinion 10.31: CORRECTED

More “uhs” and “ums”: How to spot a psychopath. Seriously.

We Knew It was Coming: MF Global files for bankruptcy.

OMG, Zombies invade 500 Accelerator. And they’re dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller!

Stay Away: Halloween licorice can cause heart trouble.

Alaskan Crab Fisherman: The 15 scariest jobs.

Go Get ‘Em: Anonymous, the hacker collective, is going after the Mexican drug cartel.

See Ya: Herman Cain, a Republican presidential contender, denies allegations of sexual harassment. One accuser confirmed to have received a cash settlement.

In Hindsight: Mark SZuckerberg says he would’ve stayed in Boston instead of moving out to Silicon Valley. (Note: We corrected a typo in Mark Zuckerberg’s name in the preceding sentence.)

The history of Halloween: Today’s traditions date back to the Celtic festival Samhain. And, 10 things you didn’t know about Halloween.