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Pinyon adds VC Edelson to board of directors

Pinyon Technologies has named Harry Edelson, a managing director at Edelson Technology Partners, to its board of directors. Based in Reno, Nevada, Pinyon Technologies is a provider of next-generation mobile wireless networking products for the mobile internet infrastructure sector.


RENO, Nev.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pinyon Technologies, a global supplier of next generation mobile wireless networking products with proprietary antenna solutions based upon its patented AirWire® technology, today announced that Harry Edelson, managing director of Edelson Technology Partners, has joined Pinyon’s Board of Directors. Edelson, a highly respected venture capitalist and executive in both the technology and financial industry sectors, is one of the most prominent and successful venture capitalists in U.S.

“Harry’s energy and background that combines technology and Wall Street experience will help guide the Pinyon team as we ramp up our product line and expand into different geographic regions,” said Debashis Bagchi, Pinyon Technologies CEO. “We are excited to add such a talented, highly regarded individual to our board.”

Edelson’s venture capital performance over a 20-year span was rated number one of all venture capital firms in the Eastern United States by two of the four leading auditing firms. He has served on 100 boards, 12 as chairman and his career includes a long line of firsts:

He was the first Wall Street analyst to combine coverage of computers, software and telecommunications.
He conducted the first video conference call on Wall Street bringing together CEOs and investors.
He was the first venture capital investor in ten early stage companies whose market capitalization grew enormously to over $1 billion and to as high as $76 billion.
He helped start the Internet industry in China by being the first venture capital investor in China Internet Corporation in the 1990s.

“As Pinyon is poised for major growth with carriers around the world, I am excited that I can offer my experience to proactively address challenges and opportunities. I am honored to join the others that are a part of the Board to help bring world-class business acumen to the company,” said Harry Edelson.

Edelson was awarded the highest professional designations for computers and software –CCP (Certified Computing Professional) and the CDP (Certified Data Professional) and was the recipient of 50th Anniversary Israel Award along with Dame Margaret Thatcher, Vice President Joseph Biden and Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks. He holds a bachelor of science in physics from Brooklyn College and an MBA in management from New York University.

About Pinyon Technologies
Headquartered in Reno, Nev., Pinyon is a global supplier of next-generation mobile wireless networking products to the mobile Internet infrastructure market. Pinyon designs, develops, and commercially sells mobile wireless products like LTE WiFi dongles and LTW WiFi Gateways amongst others, incorporating proprietary antenna solutions based on a patented AirWire technology for HD quality multimedia delivery. Pinyon’s wireless products and proprietary AirWire technology is designed for 4G/LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G mobile and other mobile applications. AirWire is well suited for applications that require high throughput in a noisy multipath environment. For more information, visit