PODCAST: True Ventures talks scouting diverse talent and what a ‘VP of culture’ does

Co-founder Phil Black describes how the VC firm tracks diversity metrics and works with founders to grow inclusive teams.

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Diversity is a hot topic in venture, with new firms adding diverse talent on their teams while investing in diverse entrepreneurs.

So we in this installment of Spotlight, Venture Capital Journal talks with Phil Black, who co-founded True Ventures with Jon Callaghan in 2005.

Last year, True Ventures raised $840 million for two new funds, including its seventh flagship early-stage vehicle and its fourth select fund. The firm used the capital to invest in follow-on rounds in its most rapidly growing portfolio companies.

VC Venture
Phil Black, True Ventures

True Ventures is known for its founder-friendly services, providing mentorship and education to its start-up entrepreneurs. The firm also offers workshops through its True University program. It recently launched Spoke, its venture scout program to empower its entrepreneurs and others within the True community to evaluate and make venture investments.

Black talked with VCJ about diversity and other issues shortly before the firm added Fiona O’Donnell McCarthy as a principal. In recent months, the firm has also added Ariel Winton as a principal and Dave Balter as a venture partner.