Poll Results: 34.1% Don’t Believe Facebook’s Reported Revenue

Why is Facebook taking so very long to go public?

That’s the question we posed to you yesterday. We asked this after the Financial Times earlier this week said the social media giant will likely delay its IPO until late 2012. The IPO window may be closed for now but that hasn’t stopped many from hoping that the long awaited Facebook offering would come this year or even April 2012.

The FT said that CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to hold off on an IPO for at least a year so that Facebook’s employees will stay focused on product developments rather than a payout.

Do we believe the FT? Well, I don’t (Zuckerberg IMHO doesn’t seem like he wants Facebook to go public ever). So we asked you to tell us what’s behind FB’s stall.

For much of Thursday, a strong block of voters–about one third– took the lead. This group thinks that Zuckerberg just can’t let Facebook go.

This sentiment didn’t last. In a turnaround worthy of a TechCrunch shakeup, another group took the No.1 spot this morning. A little more than one-third, or 34.1%, believes that FB’s revenue isn’t as strong as that leaked to the press.

Coming in second with 28.9% is the group that believes Zuck just can’t let go. In third place, with 14.8%, are those readers that believe the FT when it says Zuckerberg wants to delay the IPO so that employees will remain focused yada yada. Lastly, about 13% of readers think FB needs time to diversify its revenue stream.

Many readers wrote in that market conditions were the biggest reason FB is delaying its IPO. “[It’s a] bad time to get a good price for your shares,” one person wrote.

Some think that Google+ is also the reason Facebook is stalling. “They can make a lot more money if they first prove that they can beat the big boys (i.e., Google+),” another person said.

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