Poll Results: John Doerr Is Ready for Reality TV

I hope John Doerr has an agent.

The Kleiner Perkins partner emerged the winner of yesterday’s poll. Thirty-seven percent of voters picked Doerr as the most deserving to get his own reality TV show. Mark Leder, Sun Capital’s co-CEO, placed a close second with 31.3%.

The biggest surprise? Stephen Schwarzman, Blackstone’s chairman and CEO, who ran a very distant fourth for much of the day only to rally late Thursday (at one point Schwarzman was running neck-in-neck with Doerr for the lead). But Schwarzman didn’t prevail. He ended up a respectable third with 25.4%. DFJ Esprit’s Simon Cook, meanwhile, came in last with 6% (sorry Simon!).

There were several write-in candidates. Chris Douvos, founder of the Brick Oveb Project (and the former co-head of PE investing at The Investment Fund for Foundations) received many votes. Tim Draper was also mentioned as was Leon Black.

I was surprised at the large response to the bonus section where we asked for possible show titles. Some people are very creative. Some funny and clever titles include “Sand Hill’s Doerrs Are Open,” “I Dress Like Mark Zuckerberg,” “Venturing with the Stars,” “It’s Always SUNny in Leder-land” and “Did You Know There are VCs in Europe?” (of course, there were some risqué submissions of which “Wet Hot American Summer pt. 2” was one of the more tame).

Till next week!