Poll Results: Majority of Readers, 69%, Will Be BBQing This Weekend. The Rest? Working

It turns out that BBQing will be the sport of choice this holiday weekend.

Yesterday, we asked what everyone planned to do this Memorial Day. The last time we posited such a question (last summer), I was surprised to find that many people were working. This, of course, turned out to be a strong indicator for the rest of the year (deal flow in late 2010 was strong).

So we asked again and you answered. A strong majority, or 69.4%, said they will be taking out the grill and cookin’ up some ribs or burgers or veggies in the great outdoors (for me that will be Central Park).

Several readers provided us with specifics of their holiday plans: Some would be hitting the beach, others plan to drink their weekend away, one person said they will be swimming in the Hudson River (is that safe?) and some are traveling (one reader is going to Paris which, of course, made me very jealous).

Surprisingly, nearly 31% said they will be working. We, at peHUB, are sad that so many will be spending their holiday hours indoor. But we hope this produces more deals (and some tips). With my cerveza, I salute you.

But who are these weekend BBQ gods? Nearly 80% of those who responded to our very nonscientific poll said they work in PE. The rest, or 21%, are in venture capital. Several readers specified that they were investment bankers, while others were in leveraged finance or professional services or corporate development. One person said they were an entrepreneur and another said they were in real estate. The surprise? No journalists. We’re too busy looking for work.