Poll Results: Skype, Facebook Are Most Likely IPOs To Pop

America has voted!

Yesterday, we asked you to pick which IPO candidates would do best. We separated the contenders by whether they had private equity or venture capital funding. Nearly 140 people responded.

First, we asked you to decide which company, that has PE backers, would likely perform the best this year. Choices included Freescale, HCA, Skype, Toys “R” Us, and the Carlyle Group.

As of this afternoon, nearly 38% chose Skype as the most likely to pop. HCA came in a close second with roughly 36%, while Freescale placed a distant third with about 11%. Another 8% picked the Carlyle Group (the buyout shop has long been rumored but hasn’t filed yet), while Toys “R” Us came in last with nearly 6%. We also asked for your suggestions of any candidates that we failed to list. Two people mentioned Kinder Morgan, which actually went public earlier this month and raised $2.9 billion (hello?).

Facebook, as expected, won the VC category but, surprisingly, didn’t blow away the competition. About 36% picked the social networking site as the most likely to perform the best in the public markets this year. But Facebook has yet to file for an IPO and many don’t expect it this year (me included). LinkedIn came in second with about 21% and Pandora placed third with 12.1%. Groupon, which hasn’t filed for an IPO, ranked fourth with 10.6% and Zynga (also not filed) came in fifth with 6.8%.

Twitter, in another surprise, came in sixth with 4.5%, while Active Networks received 3%. HomeAway came in last with 1.5%.

Notable mentions? One person, in the “Who’d We Miss” section, mentioned Zipcar, the car sharing service that filed for an IPO in June.

The poll is still open so if you want to make your voice heard, vote!