Poll: Will Congress Raise the Carried Interest Tax?

Raising the tax on carried interest is a hot topic again. It’s so hot that we’ve decided to give people until Monday to respond to our weekly question.

President Obama is trying to close what some consider the carried interest loophole, which allows hedge fund and PE managers to pay a 15 percent capital gains tax rate on performance fee income.

Raising the tax rate on carried interest up to 35% is one of several revenue-generating measures the White House is discussing as it seeks to raise the debt ceiling. The measure is expected to raise $20 billion in revenue over a decade. Republicans, as usual, are against the proposal.

Raising the carried interest tax isn’t a new issue. President Obama talked about raising the carried interest tax last year but nothing happened. That might change this year. As of Friday afternoon, roughly 57% of voters do NOT think President Obama will sign legislation to raise the carried interest tax this year. But 43% do think a bill will get passed to increase the tax.

So we want to know:

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