Portfolio Profile – C&S Capital Partners LLC –

LAKEWOOD, N.J./BALTIMORE, M.D. – C&S Capital Partners LLC invests in a wide range of private and public companies that have a proof of concept but may have no significant revenue.

The firm, which helps developing companies become income producing enterprises, avoids seed or start-up businesses, said Principal Charles Nebenzahl.

C&S Private Equity Fund LP held an initial close on $18 million in December 1998 and expects a second close on an additional $22 million in April, Nebenzahl said. The firm provides venture capital and debt financing of between $500,000 to $4 million over the life of a portfolio company.

Investments generally are made within three weeks after C&S Capital is introduced to a prospective company, and the firm often provides interim funding between rounds, followed by larger successive rounds of financing. About $6.6 million of the fund was invested at press time, and C&S Capital will use its business contacts to attract follow-on investors.

The firm, which has no regional focus, seeks companies with strong management teams that have made significant personal or financial commitments to their enterprises. A company also must be able to show that it has a significant advantage over its competitors and that its technology or product has strong market demand. C&S Capital prefers to invest alone. Its limited partners consist of high-net-worth individuals and one institution, Nebenzahl said.

Nebenzahl and Solomon Lax are principals of the firm. The two men are careful not to interfere with the day-to-day management of a business and therefore generally do not take board seats on their portfolio companies.

Following is a sample of C&S Capital Partners portfolio companies:

Bathopia Inc. (Edison, N.J.) is an online seller of high-end plumbing fixtures.

There were no co-investors.

COM2001.com Inc. (San Diego) is a computer telephony software company that has developed InternetPBX, a Windows NT software package that is capable of replacing conventional PBX systems.

CAVCO of North Florida Inc. was a co-investor. Dell Computer Corp. and Shamrock Capital (Disney family) invested subsequently to C&S.

E-MEDx.com Inc. (Bethesda, Md.) develops and sells disease and care management technology combined with a suite of Web-based software for health-care providers, payers and patients.

There were no co-investors.

Laser Medical Corp. (Burlington, Mass.) develops diagnostic instruments that use proprietary computer algorithms to measure the lightwave properties of materials to detect the presence of various substances. These products can diagnose infectious diseases such as HIV and hepatitis.

There were no co-investors. John Hancock High Technology Growth Fund was a prior investor.

Pet Assure Inc. (Dover, N.J.) is a membership club for pet owners that allows up to 25% in savings for in-network veterinarian services and discounts from in-network pet supply retailers, groomers, dog walkers, day spas and kennels.

There were no co-investors.

C&S Capital Partners LLC is located at 328 Second Street, Suite 200, Lakewood, N.J. 08701, tel: (732) 901-1111, fax: (732) 202-5071. Its Web site is www.cs-capital.com.