Post-cannabis harvest startup Yofumo rakes in $1.5 mln seed

Colorado-based Yofumo Technologies, a post-cannabis harvest company, has secured $1.5 million in seed funding. MedScience Ventures led the round.


DENVER and OAKLAND – June 13, 2017 – At the Cannabis Business Summit today, Yofumo Technologies announced that it has closed $1.5 million in seed funding. The company also announced that its patent-pending post-harvest system, already in multiple grows, has been selected by two leading growers: CANNDESCENT of southern California and Dark Horse Genetics of Denver. MedScience Ventures, a U.S., Europe, and Asia-based fund management company focused on emerging life science and medical technologies, led the seed investment round, with further participation from other angel investors.

“It’s an honor to be trusted by two of the most prestigious brands in cannabis to ensure the safety and quality of their flower,” said Alfonso Campalans, Yofumo CEO. “The support from MedScience Ventures and our incredible group of angel investors will help us make Yofumo a standard for cannabis post-harvest processing. Their support also validates our longer-term opportunity and strategy because our technology and patents are biomass-focused, and our applications cover all forms of biomass, from small home units to large industrial applications.”

Yofumo began selling its flagship models, the Yofumo Pro and Yofumo Pro+, in California, Colorado and Washington state in January 2017, driving immediate market traction with more than 30 units already installed.

CANNDESCENT, a southern California-based company focused on producing the best cannabis flowers available, is using Yofumo Pro and Yofumo Pro+ to optimize all aspects of product quality and consistency, focusing on high quality via curing and terpene management, all while reducing operational costs and lowering energy bills. It can currently process up to 72 pounds per week across three strains, with plans for complete line configurations aligned to strains and production schedules that will cut its post-harvest processing time in half.

“We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation that supports cultivating and harvesting the highest-quality cannabis, and we feel Yofumo is a perfect fit. To attain the quality standards we have in place, you need the technology and corresponding data to deliver a consistent experience,” said Rick Fisher, Executive Vice President of Operations and Distribution at CANNDESCENT. “As a technology-first grower, Yofumo not only helps us stay ahead of current quality standards, but enables us to efficiently tailor the curing for each of our strains to maximize its terpene profile and ensure a smooth experience. Yofumo truly changes the post-harvest process.”

Yofumo’s patent-pending, multi-level technology platform uses gaseous ozone to kill harmful microbials, including bacteria, mold and yeast, while ensuring the cannabinoid and terpene profiles are not negatively impacted.

By assuring a clean product and environment, the technology then enables complete terpene management and augmentation via innovative curing and natural finishing techniques, all automated with complete control over critical environmental variables like humidity and temperature. In development for over three years, Yofumo allows for regular and frequent access, long-term storage, and transportation, while maintaining a consistent, high-quality product every time for cannabis and other biomass products. In side-by-side tests, Yofumo units have achieved 98-99 percent consistency results against world-class and award-winning growers.

Dark Horse Genetics of Denver, creator of the legendary Bruce Banner strain, just installed its fourth Yofumo unit, with plans for a fifth, for strain-specific anti-microbial treatments, curing and product quality assurance.

“Yofumo is thankfully transforming post-harvest product control and curing from an art to a science, while at the same time enabling the art to expand into areas it hasn’t done before, if you are willing to use its full spectrum of application,” said Jason Holck, owner of Dark Horse Genetics. “I’ve been growing premium cannabis for nearly 20 years, and Yofumo is the biggest technology innovation since the LED. The ability to control every aspect of post harvest, much like we do during growing, enables us to deliver the highest quality and safest product to our patients and consumers.”

About Yofumo
Yofumo makes cannabis better. From the moment a flower comes off the stalk, Yofumo refines all aspects of post-harvest drying, curing, transportation, specialty processing, and long and short-term storage. Yofumo is rooted in safety, from inventory security to its proprietary yeast and mold treatment methods. A new category in cannabis storage and processing, Yofumo sharpens the harvest-to-consumption model in ways never before possible. For more information please visit