QWiPS Closes on $1.25M Series A

Social voice platform QWiPS has raised $1.25 million in Series A financing. Shawn Landgraf of Magnus Partners Inc., and Allan Watson of NYC Trading Floor led QWiPS’ funding, the company said. With QWiPS iPhone app, users can add photo captions and tag tweets and Facebook posts all with the sound of their voice.

Social voice platform QWiPS (www.qwips.com) announced today the company secured $1.25 million in series A funding to fuel the company’s expansion. Shawn Landgraf of Magnus Partners Inc and Allan Watson of NYC Trading Floor, LLC led QWiPS’ funding. Investors also include several C-level digital advertising, branding and PR executives.

Using the company’s upcoming iPhone app and the QWiPS website, web users can voice caption photos, voice tag Tweets and Facebook posts, apply filters and effects, create and share threaded voice conversations.

“People share their lives online — their likes, their dislikes, their interests, their favorite sports teams, and even their favorite meals. Yet, right now, that sharing is limited to static text, photos, and videos. Voice is the missing component, and QWiPS’ social voice platform solves that problem,” Landgraf said. “Also, marketers and brands constantly grapple with how to enrich their online campaigns and interactions with authenticity. QWiPS allows marketers and brands to truly speak to their audiences via short voice messages integrated into a brand’s website and social media channels. QWiPS is poised for explosive growth as more and more social web users, brands, and marketers add voice to their social sharing.”

QWiPS social voice platform offers plug-and-play technology that allows publishers, brands, and marketers to easily integrate voice into their sites creating a richer experience for users. With QWiPS, publishers can give users the ability to comment and add their “voice” to discussions. And, when users share those QWiPS via social media channels, friends and social media acquaintances can respond via QwipBacks™, the company’s patent-pending voice-response technology. These asynchronous, short-form conversations will add an additional layer of social web engagement for publishers, brands, and marketers.

Landgraf’s Magnus Partners is a management-consulting firm with expertise in domestic and international private equity, investment banking, and business development matters. Allan Watson, NYC Trading Floor, provides active investors with comprehensive, real-time market data and private equity advisory and investments. Prior to starting NYCTradingFloor.com, Mr. Watson was the Head of Derivative Operations for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa at the Chicago-based Northern Trust Bank.

“The emotion, personality, and authenticity of voice is missing from the current social conversation online. QWiPS is bringing voice to the social web. With our new financing, we’re continuing technological development of the QWiPS platform, broadening the marketing of QWiPS and our technology, and further expanding our current sales/partnership efforts with brands, publishers, and marketers who are looking to easily add voice to their sites and social media campaigns,” said Peter Grossman, CEO, QWiPS.

About QWiPS
QWiPS, a social voice platform, uses the power of voice to humanize the social web. QWiPS helps brands and publishers of all shapes and sizes better connect and engage with their audiences via the integration of real voice into all things digital (websites, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, SMS, emails, photos, etc.) in a way that is interactive, shareable and trackable.