Real Time Genomics Raises $3 Million

Real Time Genomics Inc., a San Francisco-based developer of genomic dataset analysis software, has secured $3 million of a $4 million Series A round from Catamount Ventures, according to a regulatory filing. The company is a U.S. unit of New Zealand-based software maker NetValue.  


NetValue Ltd. has today announced the launch of Real Time Genomics Inc., a new USA-based entity backed by Catamount Ventures, a leading San Francisco venture capital firm.

At the forefront of Real Time Genomics Inc.’s software is SLIM SearchTM. This software, developed by NetValue Ltd, is seeing significant market interest – based on its ability to rapidly assemble and query genomic datasets. These huge and complex datasets can be processed more quickly than with other solutions, enabling advanced biological studies in genomes to become a reality.

“This is an exciting and significant development, which will allow NetValue to establish the SLIMSearch technology in the global market,” said Graham Gaylard, CEO of NetValue. “We are extremely excited to be partnering with Catamount Ventures to build a world-changing company.”

“Genetics research is ushering in the next scientific revolution, promising to cure disease, develop next generation fuels and even end world hunger,” said Mark Silverman, managing director at Catamount Ventures. “The mission of Real Time Genomics is to enable leading researchers and corporations to accelerate gene-based science to make such breakthroughs a reality.”

Real Time Genomics Inc. will be based in San Francisco, with continuing research and development undertaken in Hamilton, New Zealand.

About Catamount Ventures:
Catamount Ventures, LP., is a leading venture capital firm based in San Francisco, California with over US $200 million under management . Catamount specializes in partnering with entrepreneurs to help them build their early-stage companies into recognized market leaders. For more information, please visit

About NetValue:
NetValue Ltd was incorporated in 2004 with the aim of building a world class software development and online services group. Since inception it has pursued strategic businesses and in doing so has acquired several key technology companies, the main ones being ReelTwo (high-end database development and high performance search technology), SLIM Search™ Ltd, InterSpeed (website development, hosting and domain name registrar), SitesOnline (website development and hosting), and WebAddress (wholesale domain names). For more information, please visit