Russ Fradin: Life’s too Short to Work with A**holes (VIDEO)

If you want to launch a startup, do so for the camaraderie, not to strike it rich, says Russ Fradin.

Fradin, a repeat investor and entrepreneur, is probably most famous for co-founding and serving as CEO of Adify, which Cox Enterprises bought about three years ago for $300 million. By his own count, Fradin is an angel investor in some 30 companies, has raised more than a dozen rounds of funding as a startup executive over the years, and he has worked on two IPOs and seven M&A transactions (two were successful and one was a disaster).

But when it comes to the motivation of joining a startup, Fradin says that the entrepreneurial lifestyle isn’t a good way to get rich. It’s all about controlling who you get to work with, Fradin told an audience of young entrepreneurs at RocketSpace in San Francisco last week.

“Life is too short to work with assholes,” he says. “Startups are the only real career choice where you can control the team you work with.”

Below is a video of Fradin’s 35-minute talk, which he delivered at RocketSpace as part of event that was put on by the consulting firm VentureArchetypes in San Francisco. After Fradin’s talk, Nathan Beckord from VentureArchetypes moderated a panel that discussed M&A issues for startups, featuring Mike Smith of AOL, Mike Foley of Electronic Arts, Charles Hudson of SoftTech VC and Dave Sobata of Google. For more videos of the event go the Startup Exits website.