Sequoia Capital Loses “Hedge Fund” Manager

Michael Beckwith has left Sequoia Capital, one year after coming aboard to launch a public equities program. No word yet on why he left, or where he may be going.

As peHUB reported last April, Beckwith was charged to lead what many considered to be Sequoia’s forray into hedge funds. Sources said that he was putting together a public equities team that would be tech-focused, but not tech-exclusive. Among his hires was Chris Lyle, who is still featured on the Sequoia Capital website.

It was, and remains, unclear if Beckwith’s group was related to an outsourced endowment manager program that Sequoia also launched at around the same time. That effort is called Sequoia Heritage Fund, and includes former Stanford University CIO Eric Upin and former Princeton University private equity chief Dan Feder.

Prior to joining Sequoia Capital, Michael Beckwith had been a principal with Maverick Capital. Before that, he was with Andor Capital Management.

Neither Beckwith nor Sequoia have returned requests for comment.