Sergeant’s Pet Care Buying Chomp

Sergeant’s Pet Care Products Inc. has agreed to acquire Chomp Inc., a Weymouth, Mass.-based maker of all-natural dog and cat treats and supplements. No financial terms were disclosed. Chomp has raised a small amount of VC funding from CEI Ventures.


Sergeant’s Pet Care Products, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement to acquire Chomp, Inc., a manufacturer of innovative, all-natural dog and cat treats and supplements with wide national distribution. The brands acquired, including Yip Yap® Breath Treats for Dogs and Pit’r Pat® Tasty Treats for Cats, will enhance Sergeant’s product offerings.


“The acquisition of Chomp, Inc. will give us increased market share in both the pet treats and pet dental care categories,” says Bob Scharf, president and CEO of Sergeant’s Pet Care Products, Inc. “Chomp’s flagship products already enjoy wide distribution. That gives us great confidence in adding them to our product assortment. In an economy where much of business is contracting, we are very pleased to be experiencing continued growth.”


“The products added through this acquisition will help Sergeant’s further increase its growing presence in dental and natural pet treats,” explains Caryn Stichler, vice president of marketing at Sergeant’s. “With our more efficient distribution channels and wider reach, Sergeant’s will be able to bring these products to more consumers. Today’s pet owners are increasingly seeking healthy treats and dietary supplements for their pets. This acquisition puts us in a position to meet those demands.”


In addition to Yip Yap and Pit’r Pat products, the Chomp line includes Sniffers LifeStages Treats, Sniffers 101 Training Bits and Sniffers Shake-Ins meal toppers. Consumers can find these products in most pet specialty and in limited grocery stores across the U.S. Sergeant’s plans to expand distribution so that more consumers can provide treats that please their pet and improve their health.


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