Sharklet Technologies Seals $2M from Altria

Altria Ventures, the venture capital investment arm of Altria Group Inc., is putting $2 million into Sharklet Technologies in exchange for a 12.5 percent stake in the company. Sharklet Technologies is based in Aurora, Colo., and is developing bacteria-inhibiting micro-texture surface technology.


Sharklet Technologies today announced that it has attracted additional capital from Altria Ventures for accelerated growth and development of Sharklet™, the world’s first bacteria-inhibiting micro-texture surface technology. Altria Ventures, the venture capital investment arm of Altria Group, Inc., will invest $2 million in Sharklet Technologies in exchange for a 12.5 percent stake in the company.

“We are excited that Altria Ventures has invested in Sharklet Technologies, demonstrating their support for our company’s innovative and sustainable approach to solving human challenges and improving our environment,” said Joe Bagan, chairman of the Sharklet Technologies board. “We will look for opportunities to draw from their experience in advancing our technology and our business.”

Through a distinct micro-texture, Sharklet Technologies is revolutionizing the approach to bacterial control. Purely through the integration of a distinct repeating series of interlocking raised micro-features into surfaces, the company is able to reduce the survival, colonization and transfer of bacteria on those surfaces. Sharklet Technologies continues to develop Sharklet for medical devices that serve as conduit for bacterial access to the body. These devices include a Sharklet-patterned endotracheal tube and a central venous catheter. Sharklet also is commercializing the technology for the surfaces of consumer goods.

Sharklet has been shown to reduce microbial attachment, migration and biofilm formation of a variety of pathogens without the use of antimicrobial agents. This capability is significant in that the continued and overuse of kill-based technologies contribute to the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. According to the World Health Organization, antimicrobial resistance is becoming a major public health risk and threatens to undo decades of advances in the ability to treat disease.

“As we grapple with the increasing challenges in the fight against bacteria such as MRSA, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and others, we are motivated to advance new technologies that arm us in the fight but don’t negatively impact humans or the environment,” said Mark Spiecker, chief executive officer at Sharklet Technologies. “We are delighted that Altria Venture’s investment will further accelerate the development and deployment of our Sharklet-textured products that have stirred significant interest within the medical community and among consumer goods manufacturers.”

Altria Ventures

Altria Ventures is the venture capital subsidiary of Altria Group, Inc. It invests in companies that deliver technology and consumer propositions that may have synergies with one or more of the Altria family of companies. More information go to:

Sharklet Technologies, Inc.

Sharklet Technologies is a biotechnology company that develops surface technologies that are designed to inhibit microorganism growth to make the world a healthier, environmentally safer and better place. Inspired by the microbial-resistant properties of sharkskin, Sharklet™, the company’s core technology, is the world’s first micro-texture developed to control bacteria including Staph a., MRSA, VRE, E. coli and a host of others. Sharklet™ is suited for commercial, healthcare, food service and laboratory environments where bacterial inhibition is desired to help protect human health. The company is based at the Bioscience Park Center, an incubator in the Fitzsimons Life Science District adjacent to the renowned Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, Colo.