Single Road Show Collects Mayfield X –

MENLO PARK, Calif. – Mayfield Fund raked in $450 million for Mayfield X from a single late-May road show, allowing the firm to schedule a June 15 first and final close (VCJ, June, page 25).

The firm also promoted David Ladd, Allen Morgan and Todd Brooks to general partners from venture partners, bringing the firm’s G.P. tally to 13.

Most limited partners are existing Mayfield Fund investors and include the endowments of Emory, Harvard, Stanford and Yale universities, Horsley Bridge Partners, The Common Fund, Ford Foundation and Champion Ventures (story page 5), a fund-of-funds raised from professional athletes, said Chief Financial Office and General Partner George Pavlov. The new vehicle is $200 million larger than 1997’s Mayfield IX (VCJ, July 1997, page 16).

Like its predecessors, Mayfield X will back early-stage information technology and health-care companies.