SkyWi Sells VoIP Assets to Telekenex

SkyWi Inc. of Santa Fe, N.M., has agreed to sell all its VoIP operations to Telekenex Inc., a San Francisco-based provider of business-grade IP services. No financial terms were disclosed for the deal, which was prompted by a legal dispute between SkyWi and Quest. SkyWi has raised VC funding from Mesa Capital Partners, while Telekenex has raised funding from Altos Ventures and Walden Venture Capital.



SkyWi, Inc. today announced signing a Memorandum of Understanding to sell all its VoIP operations to Telekenex, Inc., a well established 15 year-old national VoIP provider based in California.


The objective of this transaction is to take SkyWi’s and One Connect IP’s valued customers out of the middle of the conflict between SkyWi and Qwest that has resulted in significant service disruptions. Telekenex is on the New Mexico PRC’s agenda in Santa Fe on Thursday February 5, 2009 to describe the plan and to request the PRC’s assistance in ensuring a quick and orderly transition to the Telekenex network without any additional service disruptions. The companies plan on closing the sale quickly upon receiving satisfactory assurances that the customers’ continuity will be supported by the PRC on Thursday, and that Qwest will work with Telekenex and SkyWi to complete a timely transition of service to Telekenex’s network and systems without any further disconnections during that period.


SkyWi and Telekenex have planned a seamless transition that will provide customers with more services over a larger national footprint without any loss of current functional capabilities. “Our only concern is through the next 30-45 day transition period that Qwest will allow for and help facilitate in good faith a timely transfer of underlying physical circuits without damaging our customers’ communications connectivity,” said SkyWi CEO Allen Witters. “SkyWi regrets exiting a business we have invested millions of dollars in, but this transaction will protect our customers,” Mr. Witters went on to say. Anthony Zabit, founder and COO at Telekenex commented, “It’s very unfortunate that the business conflicts between Qwest and SkyWi have resulted in severe disruptions in service for thousands of people in New Mexico, Utah and Idaho, but at Telekenex we are excited about the opportunity to further expand our customer base and are prepared to commit all our resources and experience to removing all the customers from this conflict by managing a quick and seamless transition to our network.”


SkyWi and Telekenex will start contacting customers immediately for a timely and seamless transition; any SkyWi/One Connect IP VoIP customer can call:


SkyWi at 866-221-3776 or email or Telekenex transition team at 866-963-7540 or email at Telekenex to arrange for a transfer.


Telekenex is a registered CLEC in California and a national VoIP provider with a facilities based network serving over 30,000 small and medium sized business users across most of the United States, including One Connect IP’s markets in New Mexico, Utah and Idaho.