Slacker Day for VCs — Most Shared Link Is for Music-Sharing Service

VCs are largely avoiding work today, judging by what they’re sharing on Twitter.

The most shared link is a page that allows Facebook users to join a beta test of, a new music-sharing service, according to peHUB’s new Tweetminster-powered service, which tracks trends on Twitter.

The second most popular item being shared right now is a link to a Twitter broadcast by a Brazilian band called Sorriso Maroto.

For the remaining top 10 most shared links, click on the “Read more” button below.

As I noted on Friday, we’re not making our Tweetminster service live yet because we want to give the company’s algorithm more time to identify experts and analyze their tweets to identify key trends.

If you’d like to check out the service and share your feedback with us, please let me know and I will shoot you a password. I’m at or you can DM on Twitter @laragon.

Here are the top 10 most popular links being shared by our experts right now. Let us know what you think.

1.  Link to beta of (

2.  Live performance of Sorriso Maroto (

3.  iOS 5: Tweet everywhere (Twitter blog)

4.  Is This The Next Red Hot iPhone AddOn? (GigaOm)

5.  Groupon’s S-1: From Zero to Like… Billions in 30 Months (AgileVC, a blog by Lee Hower, co-founder of NextView Ventures)

6.  Apple gives Twitter a big boost with iOS integration (GigaOm)

7.  Apple announces a massive integration with Twitter (The Next Web)

8.  Bankrate IPO a Win for Apax (peHUB)

9.  Moshi Monsters, The Social Networking Game For Kids, Passes The 50 Million Users Mark (TechCrunch)

10.  9 Point Checklist Before Investing in an Angel (or VC) Fund (Vermont View on Startups blog)