Slideshow: Who Are Zynga’s Biggest Shareholders?

Zynga registered with the SEC for its highly anticipated IPO today, finally offering a look inside the social gaming powerhouse. We now know the answers to some burning questions, such as whether it is profitable (yes, it posted net income of about $90 million last year).

For most of us, the most intriguing question has been: Who exactly owns the company. As Zynga’s popularity has grown, it seems everyone and his uncle has laid claim to holding a stake in the company. Here, then, are the top 11 shareholders, as detailed in the company’s S-1 filing.


[slide title=”No. 11: Jeffrey Katzenberg”]

Jeffrey Katzenberg
CEO, DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc.
President, M&JK Dream Corp.
Director, Zynga
388,410 Class B Shares*
Percent of total not available
*Shares held on behalf of TLA Investments LLC, which is managed by M&JK Dream Corp.

[slide title=”No. 10: Bing Gordon”]

William “Bing” Gordon
General Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
Director, Zynga
911,118 Class B shares*
Percent of total not available
*Shares are owned directly by Gordon, apart from shares owned by Kleiner Perkins

[slide title=”No. 9: Reggie Davis”]
Reginald D. Davis
Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Zynga
1,378,436 Class B shares
Percent of total not available
(Photo of Davis not available)

[slide title=”No. 8: Reid Hoffman “]
Reid Hoffman
General Partner, Greylock Venture Partners
Director, Zynga
3,109,744 Class B Shares*
Percent of total not available
*Shares are owned personally by Hoffman, not by Greylock

[slide title=”No. 7: Union Square Ventures”]
Union Square Ventures
30,738,892 Class B Shares
5.5% of total

[slide title=”No. 6: Digital Sky Technologies “]
DST Global Ltd.
32,843,100 Class B Shares
5.8% of total

[slide title=”No. 3 (tied): IVP “]
Institutional Venture Partners XII, LP
34,326,072 Class B Shares
6.1% of total

[slide title=”No. 3 (tied): Foundry Group”]
Foundry Venture Capital 2007, LP
34,560,060 Class B Shares
6.1% of total
(Board seat held by Foundry Group GP Brad Feld)

[slide title=”No. 3 (tied): Avalon Ventures”]
Avalon Ventures VIII, LP
34,680,608 Class B Shares
6.1% of total

[slide title=”No. 2: Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers”]
KPCB Holdings Inc.
64,159,896 Class B Shares
11.0% of total
(Board seat held by Kleiner Perkins GP Bing Gordon)

[slide title=”No. 1: Mark Pincus “]
Mark Pincus
Co-Founder, CEO, Chief Product Officer and Chairman, Zynga
91,385,846 Class B Shares (16.0% of total)
20,517,472 Class C Shares (100% of total)