Spark’s Bijan Sabet Talks about Lessons from Twitter, Why He’s Still Bullish on Consumer, More — Video

In a world teaming with self promoters, Bijan Sabet comes across as a humble guy.

The Spark Capital general partner could certainly toot his own horn, but he lets his track record speak for itself. He led Spark’s investments in Twitter (valued at a reported $9.9 billion), Tumblr (valued at a reported $800 million), Stack Exchange, RunKeeper, Foursquare, Boxee, OMGPOP (acquired by Zynga last year for $180 million), and thePlatform (bought by Comcast in 2006 for a reported $80 million).

All that and he’s still just 44 years old.

I spoke to Sabet in a keynote interview at Thomson Reuters’ Venture Alpha East conference in Boston on April 4. In the following video clip, he explains why he remains bullish on consumer Internet deals, what he learned from serving on Twitter’s board, why Spark decided to go significantly bigger with its fourth fund, and the attributes that have led to success for young VC firms such as Spark, First Round Capital and Union Square Ventures.

Photo: Bijan Sabet of Spark Capital (R) talks to Lawrence Aragon of Thomson Reuters at Venture Alpha East on April 4. Photo by Jared Kuzia for Thomson Reuters.