SPECIAL EVENT: Tap into $3B from Uncle Sam for Your Next Fund

Date: Dec. 10 at 9 a.m. PST

Location: Webinar

To Register: Please contact Greg Winterton at (646) 223 6787 or Greg.Winterton@ThomsonReuters.com

Event Description: This 90-minute webinar will help VC and PE funds navigate the federal government’s SBIC program, which has a $3 billion allocation this fiscal year. The program offers access up to $150 million for a single fund and up to $225 million for a family of funds. The application process is competitive, but our expert panel can help give you the skills that may make you a winner.

This 90-minute Webinar will discuss such topics as:

• How much time and effort is involved in the application effort? What sorts of resources can or should be outsourced? Does the process get easier for second-time applicants?

• How has the recession impacted competition for funds allocated under the program? How do current interest rates compare to historical norms, and what factors would contribute to a further drop, or an increase, in prevailing rates?

• How can the program be used to create a drop-down fund, in which a general partner allocates existing capital commitments in other funds to a separate SBIC fund in order to obtain the SBA match?


Chuck Morton, Partner at law firm Venable

Steve Gord, Partner at private equity firm Boathouse Capital

Alan Roth, Partner at Wildman Harrold

Brett Palmer, President of the NASBIC