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Study: If You’re Over 25 and a Tech Geek, You’re Probably Using an iPhone

iPhone users and those who gravitate toward the iPod touch are as different as, well, the young and middle aged, according to a survey released today by Web measuring service ComScore and by AdMob, which calls itself the world’s largest and fastest-growing mobile ad platform.

Indeed, the survey’s biggest finding is that iPhone users tend to be older and richer than iPod touch owners — which isn’t much of a bombshell, considering the cost of the two-year AT&T contract associated with buying an iPhone. (The iPod touch, for the uninitiated, is Apple’s version of the iPhone — minus the phone-capability part.) 

Nearly three quarters of iPhone users are older than age 25, while 69 percent of iPod touch users are aged 13 to 24. Three quarters of iPhone users have a household income of $25,000 or more, compared with two-thirds of iPod touch users. As telling about who is using each product is who has kids (nearly half of iPhone users, compared with just 28 percent of iPod touch users), and who is more likely to spend on travel, financial services and new homes (iPhone users) versus cellphones, clothes, and electronics (I’ll let you guess).

ComScore engineered the study by soliciting respondents via banner ads on AdMob’s network from January to May. The company went on to interview roughly 3,500 iPod users and the same number of iPod touch owners.