Study: Republicans Catch Up to Dems in Social Media Use

Though Barack Obama led the social media charge during the last presidential election — aided by Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, no less – a newly-released Pew study suggests that Republican voters and supporters of the “Tea Party” movement have caught up to Democrats in their use of social media.

Based on a sample of 2,257 adults, age 18 and older, Pew is estimating that 22% of adult users engaged with a political campaign last year using either Twitter or another, unspecified social networking site. Roughly 45 percent of those users voted for Republican congressional candidates, while 41% of them voted for Democratic candidates.

Surprisingly, just 1% of the respondents used Twitter to follow the election results as they were happening. Possibly, that’s because like me, they were too busy bursting into a neighbor’s garage to vote at the end of a workday.

Other interesting factoids to emerge from the survey:

11% of online adults discovered on a social networking site who their friends voted for in the November elections

9% of online adults received candidate or campaign information on social networking sites or Twitter

8% of online adults posted political content on Twitter or a social networking site

7% of online adults “friended” a candidate or political group on a social networking site, or followed them on Twitter

7% of online adults started or joined a political group on a social networking site

You can find the rest of the study here.

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