TechnoCap distributes Kinaxis shares to HarbourVest

TechnoCap I LP has distributed 1.86 million shares of Kinaxis Inc. to HarbourVest Partners VII – Venture Partnership Fund L.P. (“HV VII”), a fund-of-funds controlled by HarbourVest. The distribution was made in connection with the wind-up and distribution of TechnoCap assets to its GP and LPs on Aug. 14. HV VII saw its ownership in TechnoCap fall to about 7.8 percent from 97.5 percent following the distribution. TechnoCap is a Canadian venture capital fund. Following the distribution, HarbourVest will own about 14.4 percent of Kinaxis, an Ottawa-based provider of supply-chain management software.


BOSTON, MA–(Marketwired – Aug. 14, 2015) – HarbourVest Partners, LLC (“HarbourVest”) announced the distribution of 1,862,647 common shares (“Common Shares”) in the capital of Kinaxis Inc. (“Kinaxis”) by TechnoCap I, L.P. (“TechnoCap”) to HarbourVest Partners VII – Venture Partnership Fund L.P. (“HV VII”), a “fund-of-funds” that is controlled by HarbourVest. The Common Shares were distributed to HV VII in connection with the wind-up and distribution of assets of TechnoCap to its general partner and limited partners on August 14, 2015, in accordance with the terms of its limited partnership agreement (the “Distribution”). Prior to the Distribution, HV VII owned 97.5% of the limited partnership interests in TechnoCap. Following the Distribution, HV VII owns approximately 7.8% of the issued and outstanding Common Shares. Prior to Distribution, HV VII did not own any securities of Kinaxis.

HarbourVest is the managing member of the general partner of HarbourVest International Private Equity Partners III – Direct Fund L.P. (“HV III”). Prior to Distribution, HV III owned 1,587,474 Common Shares, representing approximately 6.6% of the issued and outstanding Common Shares.

Investment decisions made with respect to HV VII are made by the same investment committee that makes investment decisions with respect to HV III. Following the Distribution, HV VII and HV III together own 3,450,121 Common Shares, representing approximately 14.4% of the issued and outstanding Common Shares.

HarbourVest has no current intention of acquiring ownership of or control or direction over any additional shares of Kinaxis but reserves the right to acquire additional shares of Kinaxis, to sell all or any portion of its, HV III’s or HV VII’s holdings of such shares or to enter into derivative or other transactions with respect to the shares of Kinaxis owned or controlled by HarbourVest.

This press release is being issued as required under the early warning requirements of applicable Canadian securities laws and an early warning report (the “Early Warning Report”) will be filed on SEDAR at in accordance with applicable securities laws. A copy of the Early Warning Report may be obtained by contacting Laura Thaxter at HarbourVest, One Financial Center, Boston, MA 02111 at 617-348-3707.

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