TechTalk: Tech Startups Should Be Entirely Built In Asia –

Five years ago we were geniuses. Looking around the globe, venture capitalists decided that because of the cheap engineering talent in countries like India it would be more cost-efficient to outsource software development. If Nike could outsource sneaker manufacturing to China, we could do the same with code. Now, take that same concept and expand it exponentially.

Startups funded today should be built entirely abroad-from product design to product development to quality control to (in some cases) even sales and marketing. For every employee you have in the United States, you can have five in India, and you can still maintain total control over the company’s intellectual property. With a strong CEO, CFO and a fistful of frequent fliers, an entire startup’s back-end operations can exist elsewhere, while the basic roots of the company’s entrepreneurship, vision, funding and exit potential can still live within the United States.

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