The Blackout At The Microsoft VC Summit

I wish I had something powerful and interesting to say about the Microsoft VC Summit 2010.

Unfortunately, I don’t. The 11th annual event, held today at the Mountain View, Calif.-based campus of the computer company, is invitation-only this year.

And it excludes journalists.

In case you weren’t there this afternoon, on stage were Bob Muglia covering servers and tools, Joe Belfiore discussing Windows phone program management and Don Mattrick talking through interactive entertainment.

What’s particularly interesting is that despite the blackout, there was trickles of news leaking out about the event, which included more than 250 general partners from around the world in attendance.

According to one attendee, CEO Steve Ballmer sighed with relief when he noted that no one was live blogging his 9:30 a.m. talk. Another viewer on Twitter noted that Ballmer (who has jokingly been called the sweatiest billionaire ever) yelled during the presentation, but was not yet sweaty. A third said the Q&A was excellent.

In any event, I can’t offer my observations for reasons stated above. And I’m not going to belabor this rather vacuous post, for obvious reasons. We simply want you to know we tried to cover the VC Summit.

When asked about the event, spokesman Doug Free said, “The conversations and meetings are private.”

OK. We get it.