The Power Players Behind the Parties

Wall Street may be down, but it has managed to cough up a substantial amount of cash for tonight’s inaugural festivities.

According to DealBook, folks in the finance, real estate, and insurance industries have contributed at least $7.1 million to help fund the numerous parties taking place around Washington D.C. later today.

George Soros and four of his family members are among those who’ve given the maximum allowed of $50,000 per person, while Microsoftees Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer have also contributed $50,000 a piece.

Interestingly, according to Forbes, two other billionaire supporters of President Obama, Google CEO and Google cofounder Larry Page, contributed $25,000 — half the maximum — to today’s inauguration events.

A sign of the times? Google’s stock traded at $600 per share last March; today, it’s trading at $286.