The Return of Corporate VC

Corporate venture capital has made a comeback, after years of being dismissed and degraded as an example of bubble-era excess. This is based on new data released this morning by the MoneyTree Three of PricewaterhouseCoopers, the National Venture Capital Association and Thomson Financial (publisher of peHUB).

Corporate VCs invested $1.3 billion into 390 deals during the first half of 2007, which is the sub-group’s largest tally since 2001. It also represents the largest slice of the overall venture pie since 2001, with corporate VCs involved in 21.4% of total deals and 9.2% of total dollars.

Software companies received around 20% of the corporate VC dollars, while biotech and medical device companies received 19% and 15%, respectively. Get some raw data here: Corporate VC Investment.xls