Venture capital fundraising has been robust in the past few years. You can see how full of life things are in the VC community from taking a look at this, our very first edition of the top 50 venture fundraisers worldwide based on the previous five years of activity.

Welcome to our inaugural VCJ 50! As you’ll see in the stories and links below, the top 10 managers on this debut VCJ 50 are name brand firms, and collectively they’ve raised more than $82 billion in the past five years. Those 10 firms have raised as much as the other 40 for a staggering total of more than $164 billion.

As you peruse the list and contemplate the sheer size of these venture giants, you’ll no doubt begin to wonder where some of the other firms you know wound up. The firm at number 50, Venrock, collectively raised $1.26 billion over the previous five years. After Venrock, there are another 20 firms grouped together that have each raised $1 billion or more. But they still fell short of the final cut – at least this year.

There’s not much that isn’t known these days about the venture community. So, in the short profiles that accompany the VCJ 50, we delved into data from PitchBook, online sources and our own research and analytics team to report on select LPs and the known performance figures and other data from the firms.

Let us know what you think of the VCJ 50 and what types of info you want to see next year.


For the full methodology of how we compiled the VCJ 50, click here.