The Yacht to End All Yachts

At 452 feet in length, Larry Ellison’s “Rising Sun” is such a hideous monstrosity that the yacht, the world’s sixth-largest, is too long to dock at most of the world’s marinas and has to be docked at commercial ports instead. Indeed, to get closer to humanity, Oracle’s CEO actually had to commission a new yacht in 2007; a European shipbuilder whose name hasn’t been disclosed is slated to deliver the boat to Ellison some time this year.

For Ellison’s sake, I hope he ordered a Why yacht. Why a Why? You won’t wonder once you’ve taken a look at the enclosed video. Futuristic yacht designer Wally of Monaco has teamed up with iconic French fashion house Hermès to produce what the luxury trend-spotting site aptly calls a floating island, one that “offers a host of unusual, elegant features, such as a 200-square-meter master suit with its own 25 meter-wide terrace, five guest suites, a 30-meter “beach” on the ocean-accessible stern, a screening room, music room, open dining room, and a 25-meter pool around the helipad.”

This is a yacht that retired venture capitalist Tom Perkins, who sold his 87.5-meter environmentally friendly Maltese Falcon last year, would also do well to consider buying. Among other “green” features, the Why, first unveiled last fall, includes 900 square meters of solar panels and a diesel-electric propulsion system designed to save up to 200 tons of diesel per year.