This Week’s Top 10 Hub Posts Focus on Companies Stuck in IPO Pipeline, FoF Fundraising Slowdown and ‘Googorola’

It’s time to catch up on the stories and slideshows your colleagues found most compelling on peHUB this week. Here are the top 10 posts that garnered the most pageviews from regular readers from Aug. 15 to Aug. 19. Market turmoil was top of mind for our readers, with a top 10 list of PE-backed companies stuck in the IPO pipeline scoring the most pageviews. Other hot topics included a slowdown in fundraising for funds-of-funds, “Googorola” and performance data.

1. Top 10 PE-Backed Companies Waiting To Go Public – by Luisa Beltran
2. Fundraising Gets Even Slower for Funds-of-Funds – by Lawrence Aragon
3. Colorado PERA Top-10 Performing Funds Since 1982 (subscribers only) – by David Toll
4. Six Buzzworthy Emerging Managers – by Bernard Vaughan
5. A Slowdown for Most Active VC Firms in July (subscribers only) – by Alastair Goldfisher
6. Welcome to the Family, Motorola! – by Jonathan Marino
7. Gap Between Top And Bottom Performing Private Equity Funds Widens; Comparison By Vintage Year – by Mark Boslet
8. With Motorola Mobile’s Sale, Quattrone’s Qatalyst Scores Largest Deal Ever – by Luisa Beltran
9. And the Winner of the Google/Motorola Naming Contest Is … – by Lawrence Aragon
10. Neuberger’s Dyal Fund Blurs Line Between PE and Hedge Funds – by Gregory Roth