TikTalk2Me nabs $1.5m Series A

TikTalk2Me, a provider of a highly personalized speech therapy system, has raised $1.5 million in Series A funding.

TikTalk2Me, a provider of a highly personalized speech therapy system, has raised $1.5 million in Series A funding. The investors included Malam Team, Maccabi Fund and the Israel Innovation Authority.


BALTIMORE and TEL AVIV …July 12, 2021 – TikTalk2Me today announced it will expand the development and U.S. marketing of its highly personalized speech therapy system, TikTalk, with 5 million (NIS) ($1.5 million) in A Round financing from investors led by Malam Team, an Israeli IT public company; Maccabi Fund, operated by the Israeli HMO) and the Israel Innovation Authority.

TikTalk was developed in Israel to address the perpetual challenges that no two patients are alike, and insufficient progress is being made between speech therapy sessions. The TikTalk virtual therapy system moves speech language pathologists onto a digital platform to easily develop customized training programs using challenging games for practice which facilitates more rapid progress. TikTalk is the first system that offers the ability to monitor and provide feedback during or after practice using practice recordings.

“The U.S. speech therapy market alone is a multi-billion-dollar industry that represents significant opportunity for TikTalk growth and expansion,” says Raphi Nassi, chief executive officer of TikTalk2me. “This new round of funding is a vote of confidence from our investors that machine learning and artificial intelligence, properly deployed, can make a significant difference in outcomes that benefit patients as well as schools, speech therapy agencies and private speech language therapists (SLPs).”

“TikTalk2me represents the future of AI enabled digital health and therapeutics,” says Shlomo Eisenberg, Malam team chairman. “We have confidence that the Tiktalk2me team can capture a meaningful share of the speech language therapy marketplace.”

According to Nir Gamliel, head of U.S. business development, “TikTalk has a great team of developers and SLPs who have developed a terrific platform to drive results in speech therapy more efficiently. With an expanded national sales force and more marketing resources, we believe this platform can grow to its true potential.”

About TikTalk2me
TikTalk2me, with U.S. headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland and offices in Israel, is a digital health company that has developed an innovative, highly personalized speech therapy game-based practice tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning. The TikTalk system enables speech-language pathologists (SLPs) to accelerate speech therapy, encourage home practice and achieve superior clinical results. The company has received funding in Israel from Malam Team, Israel Innovation Authority eHealthVentures, Maccabi Health Fund and Shenhav Investments and is affiliated with the Maryland-Israel Development Center. For more information, contact TikTalk at 240-401-9712 or visit the website at TikTalk.care. TikTalk is a not associated with TikTok. Connect with us via social media on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram