Time To Fire State Officials, Say Silicon Valley CEOs

Silicon Valley Bank today released a Silicon Valley CEO survey, in which 153 executives, representing $1.7 trillion in annual revenue, answered questions about their biggest current challenges and concern. Near the top of the list, at number four, is the massively dysfunctional California state government.

Other interesting data points: CEOs’ top concern continues to be housing costs for their employees. Valley CEOs strongly support increasing motor vehicle fees and gasoline taxes while wanting to see a reduction in corporate and personal income taxes. Local executives also want to see fewer state dollars dedicated to prisons, they aren’t fans of most of the state’s policy makers (though they do support Governor Schwarzenegger), and when asked to identify what they’d most like to see change in the Valley for the sake of their employees’ quality of life, 64 percent said K-12 public education.

For the complete survey, click here.