TJ Game acquires CGC and its gaming platform

Canadian blockchain venture firm TJ Game Capital has acquired CGC, a blockchain technical team and its gaming platform CGCG. No financial terms were disclosed. Andrea Lavezzoli, a member of CGC, will head the gaming platform team as CTO.


SHANGHAI, June 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — TJ Game Capital (TJ Game), a Canadian blockchain venture capital company, recently announced their acquisition of CGC, a blockchain technical team, and CGC’s gaming platform, CGCG, as well as the acquisition of the domain name It has been decided that Andrea Lavezzoli, a member of CGC, will head the gaming platform team as CTO.

Grace Zheng, founder of TJ Game, said that the purchase of CGC and its gaming platform comes about after her recognition of the growth potential of the platform. CGCG’s goal, under Lavezzoli’s direction, will be to further integrate game platforms with the TJ Game and CGC blockchain technology already in existence.

To further expand CGC and CGCG, TJ Game will host the Launch Event of CGCG Blockchain Game Platform on July 1, 2018. The launch event will be co-hosted by Shanghai BeShine Technology Co., Ltd. During the event, TJ Game will provide further details about the acquisition and the goals of the gaming platform. Andrea Lavezzoli will be present to speak on the specifics of the gaming platform and how CGCG will work with TJ Game Capital to enhance the technology involved in blockchain gaming.

Jacky Ding, Executive Director of Shanghai BeShine Technology Co., Ltd., said that he’s excited about the prospects of integrating blockchain technology with gaming platforms: “It represents the collision of two technologies: modern internet technology of blockchain with classic computer technology of gaming. With this new change, there is the chance of many possibilities.”