Top 10 peHUB Posts this Week Highlight Q1’s Largest Funds and Deals, Zuckerberg, Midas List

Want to catch up on what your colleagues found most interesting on peHUB this week? Here are the blog posts written by our staff this week that garnered the most pageviews from our regular readers from April 11 to April 15.

No. 1: Slideshow: Top 10 Buyout/Mezzanine Funds Raised in Q1
No. 2: Slideshow: Ten Largest Buyout Deals Of Q1
No. 3: Slideshow: Ten Largest U.S. VC Deals for Q1
No. 4: Which University Is No. 1 for Midas List Members?
No. 5: Eight Up And Coming VCs Worth Knowing
No. 6: Preqin Estimates 183 PE Shops Going Out of Business
No. 7: If Mark Zuckerberg Duped Investors, Are They On the Hook (and Other Answers to Your Questions)
No. 8: Q&A Houlihan’s Adelson: PE Firms are the New Conglomerates
No. 9: Did Zipcar’s Underwriters Just Give It the Shaft? Yes, and No; Here’s Why
No. 10: Angel Investing In 2010 Shows Signs Of An Inflating Bubble